Shopping with Coupons: Myth #1

Myth #1: Coupons only result in small savings

This is the number one reason why most Canadians don’t use coupons—they believe that a coupon for $1 off isn’t worth their time or effort because they are only saving one dollar. However, if you saw a loonie lying on the ground in the parking lot when you came out of the store, would you keep on walking and not bend over and pick it up? Of course not!


Would you leave a loonie on the ground?

So why would you ignore the savings a coupon can offer but pick up the coin? Essentially they are the same thing—you must change your perspective and view coupons the same as cash in your pocket. Just imagine if you picked up a loonie every time you came out of a store! You would soon have enough change to buy a donut and coffee at Tim Horton’s! Therefore, if you could save a $1 at every store you shop at this week, you would also have enough extra money to buy a donut and coffee—they both have the same output. Changing your perspective is the first step to unleashing the power of coupons.

Book Review: Frugillionaire by Francine Jay

Frugillionaire: 500 Fabulous Ways to Live Richly and Save a Fortune
by Francine Jay

What if being frugal made you feel like a million bucks? You’d live a rich and happy life–while saving more money than you ever imagined!
If you’re frustrated with your finances, drowning in debt, or just wondering where your money goes each month, don’t despair. For in these pages lies the secret to financial peace and harmony: how to become a ‘frugillionaire’.


Frugillionaire by Francine Jay

Unlike millionaires and billionaires, frugillionaires aren’t defined by the number of zeroes in their net worth, or the haute couture in their closets. Quite the contrary: frugillionaires master the art of frugality–living richly while saving a fortune. They make the most of the money they have, and treasure those things that money can’t buy.
Best of all, becoming a frugillionaire is easy! Just open this book, and you’ll find 500 fabulous savings techniques at your fingertips. Mix and match them into your personal formula for financial success!


I’m amazed after reading this book that the smallest expenses can turn into lots of “found dollars” over time without feeling deprived. Why spend on items that will inevitably become “stuff” that’s really not needed? It not only saves you money, but will reduce the stress factor because you don’t have to find “time” to use those impulsive buys. This book contains fantastic ideas for ways to save on beauty, household, travel, entertainment and more. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to relearn a simple lifestyle, save money, reduce the stress in your life and become a healthier individual! It certainly shows you the way to become a “frugillionaire!”

* * *

This book is terrific for anyone trying to stick to a budget (and even those who aren’t). Well-written with wonderful advice. Highly recommend.

* * *

Excellent tips that you can use every day! This book identifies easy steps to save money every day doing simple things that in the long run make a big difference in your wallet! Even if you incorporate only a fraction of the tips into your daily life – just thinking along the lines of these common sense tips will save you money! Definitely buy the book – it is an investment that will bring a big return!

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