Free: Nestle Baby Program

Nestle Baby Proram for Canada Parents

Free to join!

We know being a pregnant or new mom is a twenty-four hour job. Scary and exciting, all at the same time. The Nestle Baby program is designed to give you the information and support every mom needs – through every little baby step — from the start. Get ready because this is one adventure you’ll never forget!

Here are just a few of the free mommy perks you could receive when you join the Nestle Baby Program:

free backpack

email updates




If you are a parent, sign up now for the Nestle Baby program here.


Free: Preschool Letter Tracing Cards

Tracing Cards for Preschoolers

Download & Print

These free printable tracing cards just for preschoolers will help your child trace and then write independently. Each card has clip art of an object beginning with that letter sound, and includes bonus cards too. Comes in two versions: uppercase and lowercase letters. Instructions are included to make these reusable.

Download, print and have fun together learning with your child.



Coupon: Coldwater Creek Eco Tote {expired}

Coldwater Creek Eco Tote on Sale

$1.39 + Free Shipping

Coldwater Creek helps you to do your part to keep our planet clean with their reusable shopping bag. Made of sturdy cotton canvas this tote is the perfect companion for those runs to the grocery store, errands, craft projects and so much more! Measures 16 x 12 x 6 inches.

Click this link to add the eco tote to your cart and use promo code AFLC525 to receive 30% off and FREE shipping. Total price: $1.39.

Tip: Coupons at Safeway to Collect Air Miles

Safeway is an example of one store where you can collect many Air Miles reward miles using coupons. Every week they feature some type of bonus miles promotion, often in the ‘buy x many’ and ‘get x many miles’ – referred to on forums as BxGx (where x is a number).

This week you can collect quite a few Air Miles (AM) with the help of coupons if you need pain medication.

Here’s an example from this week’s flyer:

Safeway Tylenol and Motrin, Buy 2 Get 25 Air Miles

Example #1

Example #1: Tylenol Ultra or Rapid Release, or Motrin Liquid Gels – save $3 off reg. price, Buy 2 Get 25 AM. The regular price of Tylenol Rapid Release (80 gelcaps, 500 mg each) at my Safeway yesterday was $10.39 – $3 off (on sale) = $7.49 each (Club price). Then I used this printable coupon to save $4, and that brought the price down to $3.49/box. I bought 2 and got 25  Air Miles for spending $6.98 out-of-pocket (OOP).


Safeway Bonus Offer, Buy 3 Get 20 Air Miles

Example #2

Example #2: Tylenol or Motrin, select varieties – save $3 off reg. price, Buy 2 Get 20 AM. Motrin super strength (60 tablets, 400mg each) regular price is $9.99 – $3 sale = $6.99 each. Then I used this printable coupon to save $5, so each Motrin was $1.99, and I purchased 4, and received 40 Air Miles for spending $7.96 OOP.

In summary, I spent under $15 for 6 boxes of pain relievers and received 65 Air Miles! Combined with my other groceries, spending over $100 (before coupons the amount was over $100) this coupon gave me a bonus 100 miles. However, if your purchase amount is going to be below the $100 make sure you give the cashier the bonus air miles coupon before the other coupons, because if she scans it after you won’t get the bonus miles.

So if you shop at Safeway and want to collect lots of Air Miles, using coupons to bring your cost down is a great idea. Here are a few other items that are on sale this week that have coupons and bonus miles:

AirWick Scented Oil, B3G15/B6G40, various insert coupons available

Benadryl, B2G20, coupon here

Cold-FX, B1G15, coupon here

Aveeno Sun Care products, B1G25, coupon here

Duracell Coppertop Batteries, B2G50, various coupons available

Glade Sense & Spray kit, B5G15/B6G40, various coupons available

Head & Shoulders Hair Care products, B2G20, various coupons available

Pantene Hair Care products, B2G20, various coupons available

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, B3G15/B6G40, various coupons available

Listerine Mouthwash, B2G10, coupon here

Melitta World Harvest Coffee, B3G20/B6G50, various coupons available

Reactine Allergy Medicine, B2G50, coupon here

Revlon Beauty Tools, B2G10, various coupons available

If you want to see all the current Safeway Air Miles bonus offers, visit and enter your postal code and click on Weekly Specials at your preferred store, and then select Air Miles under Category. You can also sign up for the Safeway email newsletter to receive 100 bonus miles.

CC Notes: One of my favorite threads on forum to read every week is Operabob’s Safeway Air Miles review. He diligently reads the Safeway flyer and reviews the bonus offers to see how much the Air Miles actually cost the Safeway shopper. You can follow Operabob’s weekly updates here.

Coupon: $4 Robax Products

Robax Product Image

Do you suffer from back pain & muscle spasm?

For fast, effective relief of back pain and muscle spasm, Robax knows back pain.

When back pain causes muscle spasm, it starts a cycle in which the muscle spasm causes more pain. This intensifies the muscle spasm, which causes more pain, and so forth until the cycle is broken. A medicine that combines a muscle relaxant with a pain reliever can be an effective way of interrupting the cycle. If you think a medication might help you cope with your back pain, speak with your doctor or pharmacist about what your options are.
The Robax family of products, available without a prescription, offers a complete line of medications to treat all forms of back pain:
  • Get relief from back pain with Robax.

    Get relief with Robax.

    Robax Platinum: Contains an effective muscle relaxant(methocarbamol) plus the pain relieving power of ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is the most effective pain reliever you can buy without a prescription, and at prescription doses it is also an effective anti-inflammatory drug.

  • Robaxacet: Contains an effective muscle relaxant (methocarbamol) plus the pain relief of acetaminophen.
  • Robaxisal Extra Strength: Contains an effective muscle relaxant (methocarbamol) plus the pain relief of ASA (acetylsalicylic acid).

Now you can save $4 off your next purchase of Robax Platinum, Robaxacet, or Robaxisal product with this printable coupon.

CC Notes: This coupon can be printed once a day per household, and expires one month from the time you print it.

Tip: Macy’s Ships to Canada

Macy's now ships to Canada!

Now the magic is available in Canada!

Macy’ is now shipping to Canada and you can also shop in your preferred currency— even if it doesn’t match the currency of the shipping destination. Your order total is guaranteed at the exchange rate set when your order is placed.

Save an additional 15% off during Macy’s Memorial Day Sale. To get extra savings: Place qualifying items in shopping bag; enter promo code KICKOFF in “HAVE A PROMO CODE?” box & click “APPLY.” You can enter the promo code in your shopping bag at any time. Only one promo code per transaction. EXTRA 15% OFF reg., sale & clearance prices, with exclusions listed. EXTRA 10% OFF home, electrics & electronics, shoes, coats, suits, dresses, lingerie, select watches & fashion jewelry, men’s suit separates & sport coats.

CC Notes: Many large U.S. retailers offer shipping to Canada, and most have very good shipping rates. One of my favorites is JCPenney. I purchased our bed set from JCP a few years ago and it’s beautiful, and with shipping and taxes (GST) it was under $100 for a 6 piece set!

Coupon: $1.50 Kotex Products

U by Kotex now availabe in colors!

Fun Colors!

Who said period products have to be white to work well? Get serious protection with new colors and patterns from Kotex, and say goodbye to bland!

Save $1.50 on your next purchase of Kotex pads, liners, or tampons with this printable coupon.

CC Notes: The fine print on the Kotex website says ‘Limit one coupon per household per month, so come back next month and print another coupon. Also, this coupon uses the printer software, so you can print 2 coupon per computer.

Update: is offering a FREE sample of Kotex here. Thanks Couponlady for sharing this freebie!


Review: Extreme Couponing {S1E9}

TLC Extreme Couponing Review

Review: Season 1, Episode 9

Here’s my review of Extreme Couponing – Season 1, Episode #9, which aired May 25, 2011:

First up was coupon shopper Amber, a 30 year-old mother of 4 from Sahuarita, Arizona, boasting about her ability to feed her family of 6 for $50/week. Her 600 lbs. of frozen food stockpile is displayed in 6 various freezers, and says she “needs to restock” hand soap because currently she only has 20. Really, 20 hand soap isn’t enough? Maybe because she’s a nurse she believes in excessive hand washing, I’m not sure. Amber blatantly asks “why get 1 when you can get 100?”, which makes me wonder if she’s a better candidate for the show Hoarders.

Amber is a “rookie couponer”, and admits that starting couponing was intimidating at first, but adds that she makes her family collect and clip coupons while she’s away at work in the day. Her family is shown clipping together at the dining room table, as well as going along on the shopping trip.

On her “biggest haul ever”, one of the items Amber buys is Motrin for $2.49. She has a coupon that gives her $6 off the purchase of 2, so that is why she fills her cart with pain medication – she gets the overage (or credit) of $1 applied to the other items she is buying, not because she suffers from frequent headaches.

Lessons from Amber: I like the fact that Amber involves her whole family in the coupon process, and her story is a great example of how family support can make coupon shopping easier. In addition, Amber’s smart use of the $6 coupon for the $5 item shows that buying the Motrin with a coupon resulted in a profit, not just free product. However, not all stores give the full price of the coupon on the purchase of an item that costs less, but currently in Canada you can get the overage applied to your basket at Walmart – so make sure you know the store policy and don’t assume you will get the overage amount.

* * *

The second part of tonight TLC’s Extreme Couponing episode featured Amanda, age 24, a return couponer from a previous show. Amanda shops in Cincinnati, Ohio, and on this episode she goes shopping for herself, her husband Billy, and her 85-year old grandmother, in which she achieves a 99% savings on her grocery shopping! However, to accomplish these tremendous savings, she has to check out with 8 different transactions, with 3 simultaneous registers, and keep her 500 coupons organized for each of the 8 individual transactions.

Amanda on Extreme Couponing

Amanda from Ohio

It was interesting that Amanda compared the high of coupon shopping to “being on crack” and says she feels like she’s “just done a bunch of crystal meth”. I think TLC could have deleted that part of the interview, since this is a couponing show, and not A&E’s Intervention.

Anyways, Amanada’s husband Billy accompanies her to do her shopping, but she emasculates him often, first by telling him to “keep walking, keep walking”, and although she admits he is helpful, she says “he must follow her direct orders”. She barks “out of my way” and then yells at him for misplacing the last envelope of coupons at the till. I think Billy should make her do her shopping by herself, and refuse to carry all that stuff upstairs when she gets home. If you missed Amanda’s initial appearance on the show, in which Billy dutifully carried all her purchases into his man cave, you can watch it here.

Anyways, on today’s show, Amanda has ordered some of her items ahead, and for the first time I was encouraged to hear someone on the show say that “wiping the shelves is BAD”! Almost every week I watch Extreme Couponing only to be left frustrated at the shoppers who clear off the shelf and have no consideration of other people who might want to buy that item. It was refreshing to hear someone had planned ahead and say that shelf clearing is not an accepted couponing practice!

Lessons from Amanda: Well, one lesson we don’t want to learn is that couponing is similar to drugs! However, we can learn from Amanda’s organization – her coupons divided into envelopes for each transaction is a good tip for staying organized at the checkout. And as already mentioned, we can learn that shelf clearing is not acceptable, and if you plan on buying a large amount you should call the store and pre-order the quantity you need.

Coupon: 50% off Hallmark Storybook {expired}

My Grandpa and Me Recordable Storybook

Now only $14.95

Now Grandpa’s little buddy can tell him how much fun it is palling around together in an easy-to-read story called ‘My Grandpa and Me’. With this special recordable storybook from Hallmark Canada, you can read to loved ones even when you can’t be there. This book is sure to be a family treasure that lasts forever.

To learn more about Hallmark recordable storybooks, click here.

Click here to download and print your 50% off coupon for the ‘My Grandpa and Me’ recordable storybook – a perfect gift for Father’s Day! This coupon is valid until June 19, 2011.

Free: LEGO Club Magazine

Lego Club Magazine Subscription FREE

Get the LEGO Club Magazine!

By visiting the Lego Club website you can request to receive the free LEGO Club Magazine for your child. Those free issues will be filled with LEGO building challenges and tips, fun activities, contests, comics, stories, and more! The free subscription for the LEGO Club Magazine is valid for 2 years.

Learn more about the LEGO Club here.

Sign up here for your child’s FREE subscription to LEGO Club Magazine.

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