Coupon: $6 Aspirin Products {expired}

Aspirin Coupons

Save $6 on Aspirin

Pain relief is what original ASPIRIN is best known for, but it is often recommended for other uses. In fact, ASPIRIN continues to be the subject of ongoing research to determine its potential as a treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. Unlike other pain relievers containing acetaminophen, the active ingredient in ASPIRIN (ASA) actually goes to the site of the pain to reduce the pain of inflammation.

To register and download and print your coupons, visit In addition, you can download and print this coupon for $6 off your next purchase of any Aspirin product (any 325mg or 500mg products) which is valid until September 30, 2011.

CC Note: If you use the $6 off coupon at Walmart and the product is actually less (e.g. $3.67 Aspirin Original Strength 325mg, then according to the Walmart coupon policy, you can get the overage of $2.33 applied towards your basket or change back if you’re not purchasing anything else. This is a great way to use coupons to save on other items that coupons are not available for such as milk, meat, eggs, etc.!

Free: Reactine Allergy Sample & Coupon {expired}

Reactine Canada

Get a free sample of Reactine!

Non-drowsy Reactine is the #1 selling over-the-counter allergy medication in Canada. It treats indoor (year-round) allergies to dust, mold and pet dander that occur all year long. It treats outdoor (seasonal) allergies to pollen from trees, weeds, grasses, and flowers. Some over-the-counter OTC medications are only approved to treat outdoor allergies even though most people with allergies suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies. Non-drowsy Reactine can help alleviate your indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms. A single dose can provide the allergy symptoms relief you’re looking for. For a full 24 hours.

Clinical studies have shown that Reactine can start to work on your allergy symptoms in 20 minutes. Product experts recommend that you take your antihistamine as soon as you are exposed to allergens and you can reduce the severity of you symptoms.

Right now you can visit for a free sample of Reactine Allergy. Also, print your coupon for $2 off your next purchase (valid at any store that accepts printable manufacturer coupons, expires December 30, 2011), or this $3 off coupon (valid at Loblaws stores only, expires August 1, 2011) your next purchase of Reactine Allergy. Finally, there is a $1 off printable coupon available from the manufacturer, expiry December 2012 (great for stacking!).

Coupon: $2 Coppertone Products {expired}

Coppertone Canada products

Save $2 off any Coppertone suncare product!

Coppertone, Canada’s most trusted name in suncare is a brand on a mission: to help protect skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, by developing effective sunscreen products for the entire family… so everyone can enjoy worry-free fun in the sun, every day!

For many Canadians, Coppertone is synonymous with suncare – and with good reason. Several generations have grown up with the brand that has made sun protection its number one priority for more than 65 years.

Coppertone, which is owned by Schering-Plough Canada Inc., a subsidiary of Merck & Co. Inc., was the first to launch the SPF (sun protection factor) index in North America, the first to develop a line of products specifically for babies, children and sports enthusiasts, and the first to offer continuous spray products and mousse sunscreens (new this year!).

The brand’s commitment to continuing to develop innovative sunscreens that meet the needs of every member of the family, every day, is stronger than ever. This is one story that’s far from over! Visit their website for more product information.

Download and print this printable (.pdf) coupon to save $2 off your next purchase of any Coppertone suncare product! This printable coupon expires August 31, 2011.

Learning: Extreme Couponing in Alberta Video

Featured on a recent episode of Alberta Prime Time, this video is a great example of extreme couponing in Canada! This mother of 5 buys her food, formula, groceries, diapers, laundry detergent and more with just $50 a week! Watch this video to learn how she accomplishes this and see pictures of her amazing stockpile!

[youtube xJ87q-l7-BM]

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Coupon: Royale Products

Get your Royale coupons from now!

Save over $5 on Royale products!

For almost 50 years ROYALE has been a fixture in Canadian bathrooms. Today that tradition continues throughout the entire home, as ROYALE is Canada’s only consumer household paper brand that markets a full line of products including bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towels, and napkins.

The entire family of ROYALE products is always under the watchful eye of the well-known, ambassadors of softness, the ROYALE Kittens. For almost 50 years, they have played an important “roll” in ROYALE’s image and are today seen as a promise of quality by consumers from coast to coast.

The Royale Kittens

The Royale Kittens

The entire ROYALE Family of products is made by Irving Tissue, a proud Canadian company committed to producing quality tissue products through responsible forest management. Learn more about the ROYALE Family of products by visiting their website.

Save over $5 on ROYALE products by requesting your coupons from (they will arrive via Canada Post lettermail, not email).

Coupon: $1 Lean Cuisine Glazed Chicken {expired}

Printable Coupon for Lean Cuisine in Canada

Save $1 on Lean Cuisine Glazed Chicken

Lean Cuisine Glazed Chicken is delectable, simple, comforting – and above all, healthy. This month enjoy this delicious wholesome entree made with marinated chicken tenderloins served in a lightly sweetened glaze. Perfect with a healthy serving of 100% whole grain rice pilaf, mushrooms, French cut green beans and yellow shoestring carrots. All this delicious taste and 2 grams of fiber but no artificial flavors or preservatives!

Print your $1 off coupon for Lean Cuisine Wild Salmon with Basil here, and for more information about Lean Cuisine Canada visit their Facebook page. This coupon expires July 31, 2011.

CC Notes: Join the Lean Cuisine Rewards Program to collect points and order prizes from the catalogue. In addition, you can submit the same PIN number (inside the packages with the ‘Rewards’ graphic on the box) to get Stouffer’s Rewards and earn a $10 gift card to your favorite grocery store.

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