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Motrin Liquid Gels

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Motrin brand offers a full line-up of products for infants, children and adults, to target your pain precisely where you feel it. Click here to discover info about the different strengths, formats and flavours available for each Motrin product, as well as precise dosing instructions and precautions.

Products for Children:
- Junior Strength Motrin Chewable Tablets

Products for Adults:
- Motrin IB Tablets
- Motrin IB Liquid Gels
- Motrin Cold & Sinus Pain

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LaCoupe Printable Coupon 2012

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The LaCoupe haircare line includes products for all types of individual hair needs and will make your hair healthy, shiny and beautiful. From voluptuous volume, luscious curves or poker straight locks to styling that defines gravity and grooming lines for men – LaCoupe Salon haircare products are timeless and provide the best in style, quality and value. To view the complete line of LaCoupe products, visit their website here.

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CC Hint: Look for the travel size (60g) Frizz-Free Mousse available at Walmart for $2.00!

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