Coupon: $1 Nesquick Product When You Buy 4L Milk (expired)

Nesquick by Nestle

Help kids get 2-4 recommended servings of milk every day!

Did you know that a glass of chocolate milk made with Nesquik provides all the nutritional goodness of milk – with no more sugar than a glass of unsweetened fruit juice? The fact is, whether it’s chocolate or plain, nothing is as good as milk for your kids. With 15 essential nutrients, milk is simply the best source for the calcium and vitamin D kids need. Because chocolate milk made with Nesquik gives kids the taste they love – with all the nutritional value of plain white milk – chances are they’ll drink it more often.

At a time when most Canadian children may not be getting the calcium and other essential nutrients they need, delicious milk – like chocolate milk made with Nesquik – is just a good idea. Learn more about all the Nesquick product line by visiting their website, and save $1 off any Nesquick product when you buy a 4L milk with this printable coupon. This coupon is valid until November 31, 2012.

Coupon: $1 Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing {expired}

Printable Coupon for Hidden Valley Ranch

Save $1 off delicious ranch dressing!

In the late 50s and early 60s, Steve and Gayle Henson’s dude ranch was favored by weekend visitors who wanted to enjoy the natural surroundings.

The ranch menu often included salad with a dressing created by Steve from a dry mix of herbs and spices, mayonnaise and buttermilk. The dressing was so popular it soon became the only dressing served.

When a visitor asked for a batch to take back to Hawaii for a large party he was throwing, Henson knew he was on to something big. A few days later, the guest called wanting more. Everyone had gone wild over it.

Encouraged by the success, Henson started marketing the powdered mixture. Within months, twelve people were helping him mix the dressing at Hidden Valley.

By 1970, the dressing had reached over 30 countries.

The Henson family sold the salad dressing business in 1972. But, inside each bottle of Hidden Valley® Ranch dressing is the legacy of a rancher with a palate for great food. The Hidden Valley® Ranch dressing tradition continues today by bringing families closer together over memorable meals.

Bring the taste of the Original Ranch® from the valley to your table. A delicious addition to salads, veggies and even meats, their is also many recipes for this versatile dressing. Visit the Hidden Valley website for more information.

Save $1 off Hidden Valley Ranch® dressing (473mL bottle only) with this printable coupon. This coupon expires on March 31, 2012.

Coupon: $4 Carnation Breakfast Essentials (expired)

Carnation Breakfast Essentials

Start your day right with Carnation Breakfast Essentials.

Breakfast is an important meal that helps give children a great start to achieving their nutrient needs for the day. Carnation Breakfast Essentials is a great tasting, nutritious breakfast product that provides great nutrition at an affordable cost per serving. It contains 20 essential vitamins and minerals, including 15 g of protein, and 50% Daily Value of calcium, vitamin C, and iron per serving, and also provides 60% of the Daily Value for vitamins B1 and B2, which help convert food to energy.

Give your kids a wholesome, nutritious and great tasting breakfast they’ll really enjoy–give them Carnation Breakfast Essentials! Enjoy an exclusive offer on Carnation Breakfast Essentials products with this $4 off printable coupon (link to coupon will be sent via email).

Free: Badabing! Sauce Sample (expired)

Free sample of BADABING! sauce!

Get your free sample in the mail!

BADABING! Sauce is a “wicked” tasting sauce that adds the X-Factor to your meal, be it a sandwich, soup, noodles, or anything! It is used in the preparation of any exotic dish. There are 3 “Hottness” levels: Breeze, Fire and Lightning.

Why is there an exclamation mark after BADABING! you ask? Well, you have to say BADABING! like you are really excited, because the taste will get you really excited!

Everyone has different tolerant levels for hotness. That’s why BADABING! sauce comes in 3 levels of hotness. Our free sample package contains 3 sachets, one for each level of hotness. This way, you can choose which one is right for you! So don’t settle for bland and tasteless food when you can use BADABING! sauce to tantalize your tastebuds!

  • Breeze - this flavor is for food lovers who have a low tolerance of spiciness / hotness. Nonetheless, this flavor adds enough taste in your food for you to relish it!
  • Fire - this flavor is for food lovers who like a little bit of spice in their food.
  • Lightning - this one, my friend, is only for those who dare, and would like a challenge. This is not for the ordinary. This flavor will make some people sweat!

Request your free sample of BADABING! Sauce (you can choose which flavors you like), while supplies last. Enjoy!

Free: McDonald’s Coffee This Week {expired}

Enjoy a free coffee at McDonald's this week!

McDonald's Premium Roast Coffee

Enjoy a free premium roast coffee at McDonald’s restaurants this week! No coupon necessary, just drive thru or go in and ask for a free coffee (and although the promotion is for a small, they will often ask you what size you would like so you can choose Medium or Large). Valid all day from October 31 – November 6, 2011.

To find the nearest location, visit their website. Alternatively, you can also find the nearest McDonald’s restaurant to where you are – or where you’re going to be – including all those open 24 hours using the McDonald’s iPhone app. The app is available in both an English version as well as a French version and is free from the iTunes App Store.

Free: Costco Cookbooks

Download a free cookbook from Costco now.

Delicious Recipes Made With Quality Ingredients

Enjoy cooking with this fabulous cookbook published by Costco. This recipe book features delicious and mouth-watering dishes that use quality ingredients from Costco. There is also a variety of helpful tips from leading experts, and many beautiful photos throughout the book. Each year Costco releases a new cookbook, and this is the 9th annual cookbook from the Costco kitchen.

To download this release, click on this link. To download and view the complete cookbook series, visit this site and look under ‘Recipes The Costco Way’. Bon appétit!


Coupon: $1 Del Monte Fruit Snacks {expired}

Save $1 off Del Monte fruit snacks with this printable coupon

No Sugar Added

As a parent, you’re mindful of what goes into the snacks you and your children eat. Here’s why Del Monte Fruit Twists are such a good choice. Unlike many other fruit snacks, Del Monte Fruit Twists are made with 100% real fruit and contain no added sugar. Plus, they taste great, so your children will love eating them.

One Serving of Fruit - It can be difficult for you and your children to get the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables each day. So you’ll be happy to know each individual pack of Del Monte Fruit Twists provides one serving of fruit. It’s a nutritious and great tasting way to get fruit into your diet.

Nut-free and Convenient - Made in Canada in a peanut-free facility, Del Monte Fruit Twists are nut-free, so you can pack them in your child’s lunchbox or school backpack without worry. Each pouch is individually wrapped, so they’re conveniently portable. Enjoy them anywhere, anytime.

Four Great-tasting Varieties - Del Monte Fruit Twists are unique because they offer delicious, real fruit twisted into a fun format. Choose from four great-tasting varieties such as strawberry & apple, grape & raspberry, very cherry, and blueberry & raspberry.

Del Monte Fruit Twists are a great tasting, nutritious real fruit snack you and you family will enjoy. Look for them in the portable snack aisle. To learn more, visit

Print your coupon for $1 off your next purchase of Del Monte fruit snacks, fruite stripes, fruit twists, or mini fruit twists. This coupon expires December 31, 2011.

FREE: Schneiders Country Naturals Deli Meat {expired}

Vote for your favorite Schneiders Prodct

Try Schneiders Deli Meats for FREE!

Schneiders Foods of Kitchener, Ontario is one of Canada’s largest producers of premium quality food products. The business was founded in 1890 by J.M. Schneider who began making pork sausage in his home and, for over a century, the name “Schneiders” has been synonymous with reputation, tradition, and quality products.

Schneiders is the name you can trust for delicious, superior quality meats and food products. Our wide range of products include everything from premium meats, slow roasted the old fashioned way, to ultra-convenient lunch kits and restaurant-quality, ready-to-serve meals for busy families.

Schneiders products are used in family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. They are central ingredients in breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are enjoyed daily and served with pride.

People trust Schneiders because they know we have remained true to the values J.M. Schneider established over 100 years ago. J.M. wouldn’t make or sell anything he wouldn’t be proud to serve to his own family. He insisted on using only the finest cuts of meat, trimmed by hand, and natural spices and seasonings. He believed in craftsmanship and followed time-honoured recipes using traditional methods.

Today you can get a FREE package of deli meats from Schneiders by visiting their Facebook page and voting for your favorite Country Naturals product! Once you submit your vote, you will be directed to to order your coupon. (5,000 FREE coupons are available on a first come, first serve basis, but after they run out you will be able to claim one of the $2 off coupons.)

Free: Melt Magazine With Coupons

Melt Magazine is FREE for Canadians!

Free for Canadians!

Melt Magazine is your premier companion for Tre Stelle Cheeses, and it’s FREE! Filled with mouth-watering photographs and more than a dozen, new, kitchen-tested recipes, Melt explores the versatility of cooking with cheese. Available in English and French, they will mail this full-colour, glossy magazine to your home twice a year. It is also available at national grocery stores.

Every edition of Melt also features exclusive, money-saving coupons and a chance for you to win prizes, so go ahead and subscribe now!

Coupon: Kraft Products {expired}

Kraft Canada Products

Save up to $6.50 on Kraft products from!

Kraft Canada What’s Cooking magazine presents recipes, tips and tricks to make everyday delicious. You can subscribe to the What’s Cooking magazine, (price: $18.98 for 2 years, published quarterly) or visit their Facebook page for more everyday recipes, simple snacks, special celebration menus, heavenly desserts, affordable new family favorites and coupons for Kraft products.

Currently you can save up to $6.50 on Kraft products by clicking the Like button to request your coupons from

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