Free: Sample of Lacoste Fragrance

A new fragrance collection from Lacoste.

The fragrances, dubbed L.12.12, are inspired by the original Lacoste polo shirt of the same name.

The Lacoste legend started in 1933 when Rene Lacoste revolutionized mens’ fashion by replacing the classical woven fabric , long sleeved starched shirts on the courts with what has now become the classic polo shirt , allying excellence and comfort. The Lacoste Polo shirt is now in a new fragrance collection. Visit the Lacoste website to learn more about the new fragrances available, and request your free fragrance sample. You can also shop the entire fragrance line at their online store here.




Free: Always Infinity {expired}

Free Always Infinity

Get a FREE box of Always Infinity!

Always Infinity — no Always Ultra protects better. It’s the only pad made with Infinicel that absorbs 10 times its weight yet feels amazingly light. Now that’s powerful protection like you’ve never experienced before. Its revolutionary wings are designed for secure protection and less mess on the sides. The microdots help absorb fluid deep into the pad and away from you, helping you feel dry. And the form-fitting channels and soft cover sheet provide great leakage protection that’s so comfortable, you might just forget you’re wearing a pad.

Get a free box of Always Infinity just by liking Always Canada on Facebook. For more information about Always products, visit the Always Canada website.

Free: Natural Instincts Hair Color {expired}

NEW! Natural Instincts Vibrant

On May 13th Clairol is giving away free hair color! Launching their newest line Natural Instincts Vibrant, this giveaway will be your chance to try out Clairol Natural Instincts hair color for free. Their healthy-looking, radiant color lasts up to 8 weeks, covers even stubborn grays, and includes a 2 week color refresher. Find your perfect shade here.

Visit Clairol on Facebook to get your free hair color.

Valid May 13-15, 2011.

Saving Money vs. Retail Price

Have you seen these statements before? “We guarantee the lowest prices!” or “We’ll beat any advertised price!” or “If you find a cheaper price, simply show us and we will match.” These are examples of wording used by retailers to advertise that their stores offers a price guarantee. Do you really know what that means?

You’ve probably heard these claims before, often from major retailers who want you to shop at their store. Price guarantees are beneficial for retailers to gain a competitive edge, as well as a great money saving tool for consumers! Here is a few notes on how price guarantees can be utilized by both:

the lowest price ad

A smart shopper knows that "we can't be beat" is not always true.

Retailers: Often retailers advertise price guarantees to communicate with consumers that they have the lowest price. They want you to put your confidence in their store as being the “best” store to shop at, which will result in you spending more money at their store. Psychology has a major part to do with marketing, but in general, if the company can instill confidence in the mind of the buyer, they will often succeed at selling more of their product. However, as a smart shopper you need to realize that just because they claim to have the lowest price, it is not always true! That’s where price matching comes in handy because it allows you to get the lowest price possible on what you are buying, so learning this skill becomes a necessity for consumers looking to save money.

Consumers: From the opposite perspective, consumers can use price guarantees as a tool for saving money, as well as a way to always get sale prices on the things you buy! First, realize that just because the store advertises their “lowest” price, doesn’t mean that you can’t find it cheaper somewhere else. Second, do your research–look at all your flyers in detail and determine which stores offer price guarantees. Some stores print it in bold print right on the front, but some will list it in the fine print on the last page. For example, Walmart Canada recently started advertising their “Ad Match” right on the front of their flyer–look for it in a blue circle. If you are unsure if a store will match an advertised sale price, call the store and ask, then make a list of which stores in your area offer price guarantees. Also research the items you want to buy and compare the prices of that particular item throughout all the current flyers and find the lowest sale price. Finally, if you find a lower price on something you want to buy, take the ad with you to the store that offers price guarantee to prove a lower advertised price. Following these steps can help you avoid paying full retail price on almost anything ever again!

So, now you know what price guarantees are and how they are used by both retailers and consumers. In part two of this series we will focus on how to use price guarantees effectively.

Free: Hallmark Card {expired}

Just in time for Mother’s Day (which is coming up soon – May 8th by the way!) Hallmark Canada Gold Crown stores are giving away a FREE Hallmark card!

All you need to do is visit their Facebook page and print out the coupon. One coupon per customer, so print two and take a friend! To find a location near you, visit the Hallmark Canada website.

Free: Eyeglasses from {expired}

If you haven’t received a FREE pair of glasses from before, here’s your chance! They are giving away 10,000 pairs of free eyeglasses on May 3, 2011.

Also, if you have been a prior customer but haven’t claimed your free pair of glasses (what are you waiting for?) you can email them and they will send you your own personalized code valid for one day only.

Enter coupon code FirstPairFree at the checkout to redeem your free pair of glasses!

I personally ordered my free pair a couple months ago, and couldn’t be happier with them! The frames I chose were very fashionable, and had spring hinge arms for extra comfort, and the lens were crisp and clear. In addition I was very impressed with the fast shipping via FedEx to my door, and especially impressed with my total cost of $16! Since I am a contact lens wearer, these are definitely a great pair of glasses to have on hand when I take a break from wearing contacts!

Link: Clearly Contacts homepage

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