Free: Motrin Sample and $3 Coupon (expired)

Motrin Liquid Gels

Save $3 when you buy any Motrin product!

Motrin brand offers a full line-up of products for infants, children and adults, to target your pain precisely where you feel it. Click here to discover info about the different strengths, formats and flavours available for each Motrin product, as well as precise dosing instructions and precautions.

Products for Children:
- Junior Strength Motrin Chewable Tablets

Products for Adults:
- Motrin IB Tablets
- Motrin IB Liquid Gels
- Motrin Cold & Sinus Pain

Now you can target your pain with a trial pack of Motrin! Request your free sample pack of Motrin IB 200 mg Tablets (2 count).

In addition, you can save $3 off any Motrin product with this printable coupon. This coupon expires February 28, 2013.

Coupon: $1 off Glad Bags {expired}

Glad Odour Shield Garbage Bags

Save $1 off Glad Bags

There’s a Glad bag that’s right for every job. From indoor and outdoor and every room in between, Glad bags will keep your trash under wraps.

Now you can save $1 off the purchase of Glad Compostable bags, Kitchen Catchers, and Recycling Bags with this printable coupon (.pdf format). This coupon expires May 30, 2012.

Free: Biotherm Aquasource Nuit Sample {expired}

Request your free sample of Aquasource Nuit!

Biotherm Aquasource Nuit contains revolutionary skin care technology to specifically address the overnight hydration needs of women. Concentrated in Mannose, Thermal Plankton Cellular Water and P. Antarctica, a micro-organism that has the unique ability to retain water, Aquasource Nuit helps replenish skin’s water reserves. Upon wakening, the skin looks beautiful and more luminous, day after day.

Use of Biotherm Aquasource Nuit resulted in more luminous skin for 83% of women, improved texture for 84% of women, and more elastic for 92% of women.

Aquasource Nuit has the freshness of a gel and the hydration of a mask. This unique gel-turns-balm formulation instantly melts into your skin. Enjoy the addictively refreshing scent of citrus fruits, accented with apricot, jasmine and musk. Aquasource Nuit is suitable for all skin types. Simply apply at night to clean skin.

For more information and a complete list of ingredients and to purchase Aquasource Nuit, visit the Biotherm website.

Request your free sample by completing this form (hint: scroll down the page to see the form). Your sample will arrive in the mail in approximately 4-6 weeks, and is available while supplies last.

Free: Badabing! Sauce Sample (expired)

Free sample of BADABING! sauce!

Get your free sample in the mail!

BADABING! Sauce is a “wicked” tasting sauce that adds the X-Factor to your meal, be it a sandwich, soup, noodles, or anything! It is used in the preparation of any exotic dish. There are 3 “Hottness” levels: Breeze, Fire and Lightning.

Why is there an exclamation mark after BADABING! you ask? Well, you have to say BADABING! like you are really excited, because the taste will get you really excited!

Everyone has different tolerant levels for hotness. That’s why BADABING! sauce comes in 3 levels of hotness. Our free sample package contains 3 sachets, one for each level of hotness. This way, you can choose which one is right for you! So don’t settle for bland and tasteless food when you can use BADABING! sauce to tantalize your tastebuds!

  • Breeze - this flavor is for food lovers who have a low tolerance of spiciness / hotness. Nonetheless, this flavor adds enough taste in your food for you to relish it!
  • Fire - this flavor is for food lovers who like a little bit of spice in their food.
  • Lightning - this one, my friend, is only for those who dare, and would like a challenge. This is not for the ordinary. This flavor will make some people sweat!

Request your free sample of BADABING! Sauce (you can choose which flavors you like), while supplies last. Enjoy!

Free: Hugo Boss Orange Sample

Hugo Boss Orange

Get a free sample of Hugo Boss Orange!

Boss Orange Man features an energizing blend of crisp apple, warm frankincense, comforting vanilla and bubinga wood, this vibrant new scent perfectly encapsulates the free-spirited optimism of the BOSS Orange man. Spontaneous, passionate and energetic, yet casual and relaxed at the same time, he truly is a liberated soul and BOSS Orange Man is destined to become his ultimate feel-good fragrance.

In the TV and print advertising campaign, globally renowned actor Orlando Bloom perfectly embodies the confident and free-spirited BOSS Orange man, simply by showing his own true personality: “BOSS Orange is a line I immediately identified with because it has a laid back, spontaneous quality I relate to. The new campaign made complete sense to me and I am excited to be representing the line. It’s been really fun!”.

Boss Orange for Women is a warm, complex and inviting fragrance that combines the uniquely liberating notes of crispy apple and white florals with a vanilla and sandalwood heart. They fuse to create a relaxed, unique scent you can wear with passion.

Complete this short form to discover the fragrance of BOSS Orange and request your free sample of the scent that you can wear with passion.

CC Notes: Samples are available as long as the stock lasts, please allow 28 days for delivery. Enter your postal code in all caps with a space in the middle.

Free: 2012 Telus Calendar {expired}

2012 Telus Calendar

2012 Telus Critter

The new year is quickly approaching, and Telus is happy to help you celebrate 2012 with a free calendar! Each month features different animals in a clean and simple design–perfect for professional or home use. Order yours today–it includes free shipping! For more information on Telus products and services, check out their website.

Simply fill out the short form to receive your calendar in the mail. If you prefer, there is also a French version available here.

Free: McDonald’s Coffee This Week {expired}

Enjoy a free coffee at McDonald's this week!

McDonald's Premium Roast Coffee

Enjoy a free premium roast coffee at McDonald’s restaurants this week! No coupon necessary, just drive thru or go in and ask for a free coffee (and although the promotion is for a small, they will often ask you what size you would like so you can choose Medium or Large). Valid all day from October 31 – November 6, 2011.

To find the nearest location, visit their website. Alternatively, you can also find the nearest McDonald’s restaurant to where you are – or where you’re going to be – including all those open 24 hours using the McDonald’s iPhone app. The app is available in both an English version as well as a French version and is free from the iTunes App Store.

Free: Costco Cookbooks

Download a free cookbook from Costco now.

Delicious Recipes Made With Quality Ingredients

Enjoy cooking with this fabulous cookbook published by Costco. This recipe book features delicious and mouth-watering dishes that use quality ingredients from Costco. There is also a variety of helpful tips from leading experts, and many beautiful photos throughout the book. Each year Costco releases a new cookbook, and this is the 9th annual cookbook from the Costco kitchen.

To download this release, click on this link. To download and view the complete cookbook series, visit this site and look under ‘Recipes The Costco Way’. Bon appétit!


Free: Sample of Find-Your-Bliss Aromatherapy Products

Get a FREE sample from Find Your Bliss!

Get Your FREE Sample!

Find-Your-Bliss is an aromatherapy oils company that uses the power of essential oils to soothe the mind and body in various ways. The company was started as a basement crafting project in San Francisco has become an international brand.

Officially established in 2007, Find-Your-Bliss has always been about organic, naturally-occurring oils with stimulating, soothing or medicinal properties. Their house specialty are the pure essential oils, although they also sell candles and bath products infused with these oils. Visit their website for more information about their product line.

Find-Your-Bliss luxurious bath & body products harness the power of all-natural essential oils to soothe the mind, relax the body, and enrich the skin. In both a morning and an evening formula, our bath/shower gel and body butter will either stimulate you and prepare you for the day ahead, or soothe tense muscles and calm an active mind after a long day. Get your free sample now while supplies last! Sample includes a .5 fl. oz. pouch of bath/shower gel and .3 oz. pouch of body butter.

Free: Samples from Always & Tampax

Get a FREE Sample of Always & Tampax products!

Get a FREE sample!

To receive the sample pack of Always and Tampax products, simply visit Limit one request per name, address, household while quantities last. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery. This giveaway is sponsored by Always and Tampax.



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